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As an athlete, you've probably been through an injury at some point in time. Whether you recently suffered an injury, or if you're in chronic pain from an old injury, you need care from an orthopaedic sports medicine specialist like George K. Myo, MD. His practice, Arizona State Orthopaedics in Chandler, Arizona, is a one-stop shop for all of your sports medicine needs, from diagnostics through surgery.

Sports Medicine Q & A

Why should I visit a sports medicine specialist?

Sports medicine involves much more than treating an injury. You also need to work to get stronger to prevent injuries from occurring in the future, while learning to help your body perform at its peak. A sports medicine specialist provides:

  • Care for acute injuries
  • Treatments for concussions
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Exercise regimen prescriptions
  • Required physical examinations

It's never too late to visit a sports medicine specialist when you’re an athlete. So if you've been dealing with pain for an extended period, struggle to perform your best, or never fully recovered from an old injury, you can get started on a path to a stronger you right away.

Will I need surgery if I have a sports injury?

The goal of a sports medicine specialist is to help you get stronger through nonsurgical options. Roughly 90% of the treatments offered by a sports medicine specialist is nonsurgical. If you have a major injury, such as a fracture or large soft tissue tear, you might need surgery.

But either way, expect to learn more about how nutrients and your diet impact your ability to participate in sports. You're also going to learn exercises and modified movements that can make you even stronger and improve endurance, all while helping you heal after a sports injury, or surgery.

Do I have to be an athlete to see a sports medicine specialist?

Not at all. Getting care and treatment from a sports medicine specialist is ideal if you're just starting out with a new sport or exercise regimen, or are wanting to become more active overall.

Dr. Myo and his team can help you work to get stronger and prevent injuries. Or if you do work out occasionally and experience an injury or start having pain, you have a trusted specialist available who can help you heal and get back to your routine.

Be the best in your sport by getting care from a sports medicine specialist at Arizona State Orthopaedics. Schedule your first appointment by calling the office or using the book online feature.